Become part of the movement to activate a digital layer for real life in your college or community.

Become an Ambassador

Roomvine Student Ambassadors

Roomvine Student Ambassadors are our voice, eyes and ears on a particular campus,venue or community. They are part of a digital revolution of connecting people at the same place and allowing them to communicate in a completely new way. They help us raise awareness, help bring the platform to life in their community, discover new use cases and help us refine the product!

Your mission, should you choose to accept

  • Become a super user and get close friends and clubs to become super users
  • Help customize a user activation strategy optimal for your community
  • Spread the word across campus and get new users in creative ways
  • Come up with creative and fun conversation topics to drive engagement
  • Ensure the main venues on your campus exist on Roomvine
  • Identify events, functions and situations where Roomvine could be useful
  • Provide regular feedback on ways to make Roomvine even more awesome
  • Create brand awareness and online following in your community

Preferred requirements:

  • Full time university student at an undergraduate or post-graduate degree
  • A good understanding of Roomvine and a strong interest in the product
  • A strong network within the university students, clubs and events
  • Creative, energetic and driven
  • Creative out of the box thinker

Why become a Student Ambassador?

While the Student Ambassador program is a volunteer, non-compensated role, there are a lot of reasons why young, enterprising students get involved.


We have mentored and supported many of our student ambassadors in learning core skills, guiding them on career choices and preparation, or even assisting them in startups of their own!

Experience & resume

You get solid hands-on experience in sales & marketing, growth hacking and analytics which boost your resume value and set you apart from the herd with regards to future opportunities.


If we feel strongly about an Ambassador’s capabilities and performance, we actively recommend and make introductions to help springboard endeavors of their choice.

Career roles

The Ambassador program is a good way to initiate a working relationship which could lead to an official place at Roomvine. Full-time and internship roles keep opening up across functions at Roomvine, from software engineering to marketing.


The Roomvine team has rich industry experience with top global firms in management consulting, tech and banking. Through the course of your involvement, you will learn some key tricks of the trade on problem-solving, structured communication and analytics.


Aside from all the professional and experience benefits, being an Ambassador is fun! You are a representative of an awesome brand and you get people to engage at fun events, parties and functions.

Apply to become an Ambassador?

We are excited to welcome new student ambassadors on campuses across the world. We are looking for highly driven, energetic and innovative people to join our team. Please leave the following details to help us get to know you a bit better:

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